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    Michael Batista, Ph.D. Candidate

    (Baltimore, MD)

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    Shiv Gaglani, M.D. Candidate

    (Baltimore, MD)

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    Conn Hastings, Ph.D.


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    Ben Ouyang, B.A.Sc.

    (Toronto, Canada)

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    Kenan Raddawi, M.D.

    (Rochester, Minnesota)

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    Rukmani Sridharan

    (Dublin, Ireland)

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    Alice Ferng, Ph.D.

    (Seattle, WA)

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    Scott Jung, B.S.

    (Silicon Valley, CA)

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    Gene Ostrovsky, B.S.

    (Detroit, MI)

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    Tom Peach, Ph.D.

    (London, UK)

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    Mohammad Saleh, B.S.

    (Toronto, Canada)

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Best Health Blogs of 2010:

“For all you techies out there, Medgadget is your blog to find out about the latest in medical technology. This hugely popular blog provides the latest in the medical tech world both on and off the Internet.
With pictures, video and info about everything from state of the art surgical robots to apps on your smart phone, you won’t be left in the dark about anything in what they call the “medical revolution.”

The website is written, edited and published by a group of doctors and bio-med engineers, so you know the information you are getting is high quality and correct.”

Technology Review (February 05, 2010)

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