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The Importance of Church in the Community

According to some bible scholars, humans of today earn more knowledge than any other individual in old history. Science and medicine are more advanced and going more sophisticated before your very best idea. Advanced technology of gadgets and home luxuries is extremely propelled that makes every human more inactive in their daily routine. Faster computers and wonder drugs are also discovered that helps a lot to pacify or healed outrageous diseases. In his vision, Prophet Daniel has already seen this vision of extreme changes and increases during his time, and even predicts how people tend to forget about church.

However, personal and national tragedy seems to cause some people to assess the church. Personal catastrophe and mishaps will provide some people a chance to think about the shortcomings in thinking about God. Actually, churches become the personal reception for those people who experience tragedy and hardships. The general public embrace the openness of the church that flush out burdens of life and even provide a hard bedrock of faith during man’s deepest needs.

Actually, the role of the modern church in the life of today’s believer is very crucial because it fulfills the meaningless personality of every individual that only the church can fill. It is the place where all individuals that need spiritual clarity will relinquish their spoiled thoughts. It means that the church will act as their hospital to absolve their wrongdoings and betrayal to GOD. In their final thought, the church is very important to seek refuge for those who want that their problems can be addressed. With all the heaviness and tensions that pull their world down, the church will provide an ultimate bible-answer that no other social society can provide.

Literally, the church is the lifeline of any community, and it is the unique place that could instill every individual’s life. Extremely, it is the location where people who need their burdens of spiritual, emotional and physical can be lighted and solved. In the event that people, especially christians are sinking deeper into huge problems like never before, they are struggling their way to find sanctuary in the baldachin of the church. Though some of the convenient favors are likely provided through the advancement of our world, church believers are not exempt from all the heavenly trials.

Irrespective of the church capacity, each church can provide a very effective small ministries or small groups and outreach services. This new approach to target small groups will be the implemented method to meet the appropriate needs of each believer’s life. Even the smallest churches should use and apply this specialized system of having a small group to intensify their strength to help their constituents. Small community churches can also help to spread out the momentum of their cause by appointing small prayer groups led by individual church leaders.

Community churches should also act as a superstore of all church believers, meaning it has a bible-based solution and counselling system for those who are dreaded with problems. A superstore church is like a mall that has all the merchandise needed for every individual, so the church should also be equipped with all the resources needed to deal with heavy situations along with God’s word.

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